New Soothe And Glow Puppy

The perfect bedtime friend for baby! Soft and cuddly puppy responds to a gentle hug or squeeze with a soft light glow and more than 15 soothing lullaby music.

Products Description

Glow puppy toy

• Ships in certified Frustration-Free Packaging
• Soft and cuddly bedtime friend helps soothe baby to sleep
• Plays eight lullaby tunes for up to 15 minutes of continuous music
• Gentle, comforting light glow
• Baby activates music and light with a gentle squeeze, learning about cause and effect

Features: Plays charming hoot-hoot sounds & over 15 minutes of soothing music Soft, cuddly and soothing with a calming, glowing belly Baby activates sounds with a gentle squeeze, introducing cause & effect Teethable feet Soft knits and plush fabrics with pink accents Woodland owl toy.